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If you’re a native to Charlotte NC, odds are you know the colors of our beloved Panthers like the back of your hand. You can picture the logo now – the fierce panther, the Vibrant Blue, the Bold font. – and it fills you with a sense of pride. That feeling right there is how every business owner should feel about their own logo. Imagine having a logo where everytime you and your clients see it, it leaves a joyful and passionate impression! This is what we create at VAVA Graphics.


A logo is not just a piece of generic art that represents your comany. It's a long standing identity that when viewed will tell a story, make an impression, and generate profits for your company. Your logo will be unique, so that your competitors cant touch what you offer. But most importantly, your logo will show your story of why you do what you do. It will allow others to know your passion when asking "why did you choose this style logo" and you can respond with "let me tell you an aweome story behind it"

How is logo design priced? Whats the difference?

High end Charlotte logo design is our specialty. Hiring a professional Charlotte logo designer is one of the most important decisions you can make for your company. As you probably know there are many designers out there, with varying price ranges. We create high end logos for business owners who are serious about having their company make an impact on both business and their community. Before hiring a design company to create your logo (even us) we HIGHLY suggest reading this article on how logos are priced.

Ready To Start? Fill Our Our Logo Questionnaire.

If we have already talked about your goals for professional logo design. Next steps are to get to know your company the best we can. We need to find our your style preferences, company vision & goal, why you started your company, who are your competitors, and much more. This will allow us to best bring your vision to life!

Our Logo Design Process

Case Study - The PEaceful Paw

The Peaceful Paw is a local company to Charlotte NC. They provide mobile dog massage services & aroma therapy. They needed a unique logo, labels, and multiple formats for use.


Starting off we sat down 1 on 1 to get to know Lori (the owner). She expressed she did not want a generic logo, that she wanted a professional design that would share her story. We dug a little deeper into why she started her company, which led us to her dog Ike. Ike was the reason she started her company, and we felt it best to incorporate Ike into her professional logo design.


After gaining a strong understanding of what she wanted, we started the idea, research, and design process. After sketching nearly 40 logo concepts, we narrowed down the logos to the top 6 that we would present. These are the 6 logos shown.

Our Logo Design Process

Stage 2 - Second Concepts

After The Peaceful Paw choose the concept they liked best, we received feedback for multiple more concepts with different font choices that would allow for a Bolder look (for when displayed on a shelf) but not too bold where it would take away from the logo itself. Usually we create 3 extra concepts for the logo chosen, however they loved the look of the logo and just wanted some different font options.

Our Logo Design Process

Stage 3 - Alternative formats

The 3rd stage of professional logo design is to create multiple formats for different use. The Peaceful Paw expressed they were needing labels for bottles of various sizes, also stationery, and a logo for a website and social media. So we created multiple scalable logos for different uses. We do this for every logo project.

Creating a Real Life Example

After 3 weeks the final logo was approved! The next step was to give them an idea of what their logo looked like on multiple products, specifically bottles as they were planning on creating an aroma spray. This was also a good way to create a branding guideline for any future designers or creators to use.

Ready To Start?

VAVA Graphics is growing and creating new relationships every week. VAVA works with amazing industry partners that allows us to put the “we” in our business. This is an exciting time in Charlotte NC to be in the business of helping other businesses grow and find their brand identity in the market. Let VAVA Graphics help you find your way in a sea of design, marketing, & photography challenges.