Website Design

We like to kick off every website design project by sitting down, getting to know you, and learning the ins and outs of your business. We’ll talk about visuals, your hopes for what a new website will accomplish, any special functionality you’re looking for, and we give you the full rundown on our design and development process.




Completing a professional website design project isn’t as simple as the folks at WIX and other build it yourself companies make it sound. Did you know the average time to complete a simple website design from creating the design in Photoshop to integrating the design into a platform based website takes a minimum of 60 hours by an experienced team? By anyone that does not have 10-20 years experience behind them, I would easily double the time to 120+ hours.

Anyone who owns or plans start a business should give some serious thought into having a website design company build their website. As a business owner, you can more effectively run your business while a professional company with years of experience creates you a stunning online presence.



Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website so that search engines, and in turn people, are better able to find you and all of the content you have to offer.  We ensure that every website we build is SEO-friendly, containing things like proper content hierarchy, link structure, keywords, and more.


Our Artistic Director leads our graphic design team. This means every project will have a professional with 20+ years of experience reviewing the design prior to delivery. We are consistently providing our clients with fresh high quality designs.


These days, you can expect visits to your website from just about any screen size: from a 27 inch computer monitor to a small Android phone. Responsive design ensures that your website is built to scale down to even the smallest of devices, without compromising the content or functionality.

Ready To Start?

VAVA Graphics is growing and creating new relationships every week. VAVA works with amazing industry partners that allows us to put the “we” in our business. This is an exciting time in Charlotte NC to be in the business of helping other businesses grow and find their brand identity in the market. Let VAVA Graphics help you find your way in a sea of design, marketing, & photography challenges.